I've been writing my whole life, but have been a professional writer since 2006 when I founded, edited and wrote multiple articles daily for my blog called Modish. I grew that blog to 120,000+ readers/month and created a stable income from it, all by creating useful, entertaining, honest and personal content on a consistent basis. 

Since then, my business focus has changed, but I've been self-employed since, and continue to build and expand my community primarily through the words that I share. From creative writing like poetry and prose that inspires an emotional response, to connective personal essays and non-fiction articles that draw readers into knowing more about the subjects I address, writing is not only a fundamental tool in my toolkit of life and business, it's the expression of myself. I am not ME unless I am communicating through the written word. Writing is not just a job for me- it's a large part of my identity. 

Since 2006, I've worked to help support the online community of artists, makers, crafters, designers and those attempting to create fulfilling careers for themselves by pursuing their creative passions. I've worked with hundreds of creatives to help them express themselves effectively through the written word, to introduce their offerings and value to the press to gain media attention for their business, and create content for their websites and blogs that reaches out and touches the ideal customer they want to attract. 

I've written thousands of blog posts in my life, for my own businesses and dozens of other blogs as a guest author, or ghostwriter. I've written, edited and proofread countless about pages, product descriptions, email pitches and other marketing materials for creatives, and know the power of a well-chosen word.

As my work continues to follow my own personal evolution, I am now primarily focused on writing about the subjects nearest and dearest to my heart and experience- Spirituality, self-care, mental health, METAPHYSICS & WELLNESs.

I am a certified and practicing energy worker with a penchant for crystals and deep connection to the Spirit world, an intuitive who is looking for writing opportunities that will help me further grow my passions and deepen my knowledge in areas I'm curious about. 

I specialize in shifting people's perspectives, bringing high minded spiritual concepts down into practical reality and helping people witness and unlock the power of their own intuition and the answers they have within themselves. 

I grew up an endlessly fascinated only-child and have been exploring spiritual topics since I was 16 (not gonna tell you how many years ago that was!) when I discovered Buddhism, meditation, yoga, essential oils and tarot cards. After high school I became a vegetarian, started seeing psychics, discovered chakras and continued my inner interrogation to become a better and better version of myself. 

Those same interests have followed me throughout my life and evolved with me into marriage, and motherhood, into practices of self-care, self-awareness, and self-esteem that I use in my daily life to pull me out of the anxiety and stress, and back into the present moment, full of possibility. 

It is my duty, my gift, my driving force to share the experiences, resources and knowledge I've gained over the many years along this path of spiritual growth and wellness.

I look forward to working with you to share my expertise with your readers, your clients and your customers to help you grow your business authentically, organically and creatively. 


Selected writings: 

Over the years I've also been featured as a guest author on many blogs including Design*Sponge, Etsy, Paper N Stitch, Jess Lively, Design for Mankind and my words are in print in Handmade to Sell & Grow your Handmade Business. Many of my past features though were from '06-'10 and some posts don't exist anymore, and some are just irrelevant to the topics I write about now, but I mention them here as example of my tenacity, ambition and fierce workhorseitude. (I make up my own words, too :)

Much of my best writing appears on my own blog, or in short bursts of goodness on instagram

Writing Resume

  • 2003: Graduated with an Honors Bachelor's Degree in English-Writing from University of Nevada, Reno
  • 2006-2013: Founder, editor and writer for a blog called Modish where I posted multiple times daily about handmade and craft lifestyle and business and mindset related advice for creative entrepreneurs. This started as a fun creative project from my cubicle at a job I hated (a customer service call center), and morphed into enough income to allow me to quit and become self-employed full time in July 2007
  • 2010: Wrote an e-book called "The Pitch Kit: Be the GEM in every editor's inbox"- it was about how to move past self-doubt and other mental blocks to pitch the media with success using authenticity, personality and by creating a genuine connection. Sold hundreds of copies up until 2015 when I officially "retired" it
  • 2010-2016: Worked as a freelance marketing consultant for Aeolidia, a website design firm, where I worked 1-on-1 with amazing independent business owners to help them craft compelling copy for their websites, write pitches for the media, and create mindful marketing strategies
  • 2013-2014: Co-founder, teacher and editor of The Maven Circle, where I wrote regularly on self-care, facing fears, finding more happiness and freedom in everyday life and taught an e-course called The Catalyst Course, around these subjects, with a friend (The site has since been sold)
  • 2015-2016: Had a baby! Became Reiki 1 certified. Went through a huge personal transformation where I realized time is short and I don't want to be a "marketing consultant" for the rest of my life. In August 2016, I ended my longstanding working relationship with Aeolidia to focus on creating a new business dedicated to helping others find self-empowerment through using their intuition
  • 2017- current: Founded mo mojo! Became Reiki 2 certified (currently working towards Master) Came out of the "spiritual closet" to reveal and embrace my true gifts as an intuitive healer who talks to Spirits. Started offering Spirit guidance, energy healing sessions and intuitive coaching where I create video, audio and written lessons to teach people how to better hear, trust and follow their intuitive guidance

For writing opportunities, I'm currently seeking to both share and learn more around the subjects closest to my heart, like: spirituality, wellness, conscious & healthy living, mental health, human & nature's relationship and metaphysical topics.

I desire to contribute to and embed myself more in the community of like-minded souls who are seeking to better the world by bettering themselves.