Let's work together!

My aim is to help YOU, you powerful magic being you πŸ¦„,
get in better touch with your inner guidance system so you can begin to HEAL YOURSELF, trust yourself and truly BE yourself in all areas of your life.

These offerings are to you to help you transform your energy, unleash your TRUE SELF and find more magic in everyday life!



These are therapeutic energy healing sessions that help reveal and bring clarity to the subtle whispers of your Spirit self.

They can be done in person in PDX or at a distance, wherever you are in the world!

Using a unique mix of energy work, crystal healing and intuitive guidance, a mojo session will help bring balance to your mind, body and emotions, and open you to intuitive insights & practical strategies to release what’s not serving you.

πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ Relax, let go and take this time and space to discover the power and wonder that you hold within yourself to heal yourself, know yourself and above all trust yourself and that guiding light that is always within you.




MO MOJO DAILY is a 28 day email training program to help you break old patterns and integrate new ones into your daily life, for more inspired, intuitive living in every area. 

You'll receive bite-sized doses of actionable, practical and inspired guidance each day for 28 days (a mix of audio, video and written formats) allowing you to implement what you learn in your everyday life, and work on developing new habits & practices to carry you forward.


Bust out of old thought patterns & limiting beliefs to create a new mental narrative about your life, your desires and what you're capable of in the world! 




I created these guided meditations around different themes, to help you fall into a meditative state more easily and effortlessly, and shift into a more conscious stream of thoughts.

Guided meditations can help you release, redirect and reduce the negative clutter that's taking up brain space, so that you can focus on what you WANT TO CREATE in your world, what you want to see MORE OF, what you DESIRE and APPRECIATE about the world around you. 

They are great perspective shifters to help you get out of a funk, boost your energy, motivation, increase your patience, mental clarity and intuitive powers. Well worth the 10-20 minute investment!

🌳 Listen out in nature with your headphones on for an ultimate escape from the grind, and practice just BREATHING and BEING, with me right by your side to guide your way.