Are your feelings really even yours??


When you feel heavy, burdened, down, or overwhelmed by emotions...

Would it feel freeing to know that so much of that emotional energy you’re carrying doesn’t even belong to you?

And even more freeing to find out that you can RELEASE what doesn’t belong to you? Even GIVE IT BACK to whoever you picked it up from?

Well it’s true. You’re carrying emotional weight that doesn’t belong to you, and it’s surprisingly simple to release that energy so you can FEEL YOURSELF. I’ll show you how.

If you consider yourself an empath, which so many of my clients do, then you are all too familiar with the feeling of absorbing other people’s emotions and taking them on as your own.

It can become really overwhelming and hard to even decipher which feelings are actually OURS.

And when we begin wrongly identifying with and amplifying other people’s feelings, creating a big mish-mosh of tangled up energy, we’ll also feel all tangled up within ourselves.

This is how we can so often lose ourselves as energetically sensitive beings.

So first, a necessary and constant reminder:



And with a regular practice of identifying and releasing all the emotional weight that isn’t even yours to carry, you’ll start to feel lighter, freer, more authentic and clear, as you step more and more fully into the experience of YOU.

Not only can you release the emotions that you’ve taken on from others, you can give them back to their rightful owners to process and deal with themselves. <clap clap>

You’ll still be left with plenty of shadowy emotions and subconscious barriers to work with, don’tcha worry ;) But let’s just work with what’s actually ours, and LET GO OF THE REST!

I have a fun free quiz to help you identify where in your body you tend to hold onto other people’s energetic shiiiiz: TAKE IT HERE.

Along with your results, you’ll also receive a free guided MOJOTATION audio track to guide you through the actual energetic process of identifying and releasing the emotions that don’t belong to you. You can listen to this again and again whenever you need it.

This is the actual visualization and practice that I personally use when I feel like I’m holding onto emotions that aren’t quite mine to deal with.

I must say though, that happens less and less often because through this practice, and many other energetic tools I use in daily life, I’ve created more clear boundaries that help me remain in my own authentic energy.

That doesn’t mean I always feel “good”, it just means I’m no longer taking on someone else’s bad mood, bad vibes, bad energy or bad intention.

I’m free to feel like ME, for better or worse, so I can better process and move thru my own emotions.

And when you can really FEEL yourself, you begin to KNOW yourself and TRUST yourself more and more. And that makes all the difference in life.

So if you’re still reading this- why? Go take the QUIZ already and find out how to ditch other people’s emotional baggage, so you can be freed up feel like YOU!