SHINE sessions

Learn how to integrate simple energetic practices into your daily busy life,
to keep your mojo flowin!

Learn both practical & magical ways to move through the daily ups and downs of life with more ease, clarity and flow, so you can FEEL better, DO better and BE better through all the experiences life brings.

You’ll receive one-on-one guidance and a personalized protocol (based on your specific needs and desires) of energetic tools and mindset practices you can use to:

~ breakdown subconscious barriers

~ release stress, worry and fear

~ create new habits & beliefs

~ shift your energy and perspective

~ allow your TRUE self to SHINE!

The things you’ll learn in these sessions are tools you can use for a lifetime to guide you back to your center, whenever you need them.

They are the exact practices I’ve personally used over my life to regain clarity and confidence, lift myself when I’m down, to move forward when stuck and reconnect with my inner light through the darkness and shadows that arise

The power is within you to heal yourself!

It’s my honor to help show you how.

60 Minute SHINE session

30 Minute SHINE session