My backstory (the believe me, it could be even longer version...)

After working my tail off for so many years to build a business I could deem a “success”, I was finally making more money than ever, had more clients than ever, was feeling more in demand and "secure” than ever, and then it happened…


I mean, crispy. Toasted. Totally fried.

I started to feel dread from the moment I woke up in the morning, just thinking about the length of my never ending to-do list, all the unanswered emails, all the expectations of so many people wanting something from me...

I was literally nauseous at the thought of having to tackle it all, at the thought of having to slog through yet another day in my crazy, stressful job. I just wanted to pull the covers up over my head and make it all go away!

Only this time, I was my own boss, which meant, I was creating all of this stress and overwhelm for myself! Here I was, #livingthedream, working from home and creating my own schedule and yet I felt totally, completely out of control. This is not how I imagined it’d be to #dowhatyoulove for a living!

I had to find a better way, or risk losing my marbles. 


Flustered, out of control, seeking any sort of guidance I could get, I went to a tarot reader.

Her words still echo in my mind to this day- "You need to GET out of your HEAD, girl! And to do that, you need to GET IN YOUR BODY. Garden. Meditate. Exercise. Have sex!" Hahaha, her husky laugh bursting to the seams. "Get in your body." 

That's all I needed to completely change course and re-direct myself towards self-care, towards prioritizing my own health and happiness, rather than letting them continually fall by the wayside for the "sake" of my business! 

Over the course of a couple more years, I noticed myself pulling back more and more from my work. I stopped marketing, started meditating. Stopped blogging, started journaling, pulling cards and writing to my spirit guides.

I continued consulting fellow creatives through a design company I worked as a contractor for, but other than that, my focus in my life was shifting away from work, and more towards family, home, and wouldn't ya know it, LIFE itself.

Suddenly, I found myself doing more living than working!  I was focusing on taking care of myself. On discovering more of the world around me and within me, on being creative and having fun!

I eventually found myself pregnant (I mentioned having fun, didn't I?) and once baby came, my life completely re-oriented itself around him, around home, deep breaths, boobs, sleep (mostly the lack of it), food- the basics. I was completely IN MY BODY.



And then, the MOJO started to seep its way back into my bones, and along with it, the urge to share and spread the new experiences and insights I've had since becoming a mother, and those collected along the way. 

It's now my mission to help other creatives avoid the same cycles of self-criticism, frustration and burn out that I went through for so many years by being the shift in perspective YOU need to change something in your life for the better.