MOJO SESSION: Crystal Reiki healing + Spirit guidance

MOJO SESSION: Crystal Reiki healing + Spirit guidance

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They are one part crystal reiki treatment & one part direct Spirit guidance

During a session, either in person or via a distance, you'll lay down in your own space to receive a relaxing and healing crystal reiki treatment.

The treatment focuses on balancing your chakras and energetic body to help clear, heal and shift whatever is stagnant, stuck or not in alignment in your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

The treatment is quiet and calming, and you may feel some subtle sensations during it: you may see colors or lights, feel gurgles and twitches, feel warmth or cold, or feel emotions rise to the surface that want to be released.

Whatever you experience is exactly right for you and is an effect of the energy shifting within you. Reiki is life force energy that only serves your highest good.

After a treatment, you'll feel clearer, lighter, freer, calmer, more grounded, more YOU. 

While channeling the Reiki energy during your treatment, I see many visuals and hear messages from Spirit.

I may see your Spirit or animal guides, past lives or ancestors, I may see symbols that reflect the energy in you that needs to shift or that is coming forward to be expressed.

All the messages I receive are direct from your highest self and Spirit, and I will relay all that I saw and heard to you after the Reiki treatment. 

These messages contain direct guidance on your soul's deepest desires and purpose in this life. They can help you find clarity and gain the encouragement and motivation you need to move forward towards what will truly make you feel FULFILLED! 

I offer both in person and distance sessions, to help you get mo' mojo wherever you are in the world! 

1 1/2 hours : $129

I travel to you and perform them in your home where you feel comfortable. I'll clear your space and lead you through a short meditation, then you'll lay down and receive some relaxing reiki & crystal treatment, and we chat afterward about Spirit's messages for you & maybe draw some cards.

These are fun, enlightening, and a wonderful form of self-care that tends to shift energy a lot for people.

Available for those residing within 15 miles of SE Portland. 


DISTANCE SESSIONS wherever you are:
1 hour = $99
1/2 hour = $50

Energy knows no bounds of time and space, and although it may seem far-fetched, I've seen some of the greatest shifts and releases to those I've performed distance sessions with.

These are easier to fit into a busy time, or if you think you may want more privacy to move through whatever emotions it may bring up, they're great for that too. 

We'll agree on a time in which you'll lay down in a comfortable spot where you'll be undisturbed while you receive the treatment, and then I'll send an audio follow-up of the Spirit messages I received during your treatment, along with a picture of "you" with crystals laid on you

During an hour session, you'll lay down for 30 min and receive a 30 min reading afterward. For a 1/2 hour session, you'll lay for 15min and receive a 15 min reading afterward. 

You'll be contacted by me via email after your purchase to schedule our session. 

If you have any questions before booking, just email me at

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"My in-person Mojo Session with Jena could not have been more potent and energizing. Beyond the deep relaxation and energy movement I felt, a buried, yet powerful sense of self and spirit came alive. I have been reaping the rewards of this energetic shift and this deep download ever since our session. Curiosities have fired up and momentum charged. I feel more in touch with myself and my purpose. Jena is a truly gifted energy healer and beautiful soul. A transformative experience to be sure!"
- Clara, Portland OR

"I don't know how you do this amazing energy work period, and especially long distance the way you do and so spot on. I have had a ton of energy moving through me and I've been releasing some of it and knowing that other stuff will take more time. I've always been spiritually open to unseen things, but this is on a whole different level--I want to understand this energy work because I believe in it, trust it, appreciate it and respect it. Reiki seems like this living/breathing entity that doesn't have any distance limitations or time constraints.  It simply works no matter what, where, when and how--as long as the person who gives the treatment has the pure intention to help heal.  It's so obvious that you're doing the things that you came to this lifetime to do, Jena, and you're doing them so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you."  
- Tracey, Henderson NV

"I've had several reiki sessions in the past several years and my time with Jena really stands out among those. Without a doubt her vibrant and colorful soul allows her to be a channel for the vibrant and colorful aspects of Spirit that wish to speak to us. The visions that came to her during my session unearthed some experiences I was feeling and even wanting to call forward in my self and in my life, but couldn't quite place my finger on. Aside from Jena just being a general LIGHT and joy to be in the presence of, her spiritual healing modalities (known and unknown) are a powerful force sent to awaken slumbering pieces of our divine selves that are ready to be awakened and heard. I'm so very grateful for my experience with Jena."

- Megan, Ennis TX