MOJO MESSAGE: Channeled Spirit guidance

MOJO MESSAGE: Channeled Spirit guidance



Do you struggle to break free from the constant stream of thoughts in your head? 

Are you often torn between your head & heart, or feel unsure of what your intuition is telling you? 

Stressed or on the brink of burnout, but aren't sure how to change things or even WHAT to change that'll make a difference? 

Well I know who can help- your spirit guides!

More like spirit team, made up of guides and angels who are always with you and here to help align you with your highest purpose- but the key is, you have to ask. 

I’ve been actively working with and asking my guides and angels for direction and advice for many years. Their messages come to me through simple, clear guidance, through opportunities and synchronicity, and I can communicate with YOUR guides and angels, too!


I act as a conduit between you and your spirit team to deliver the guidance and healing messages they have for you.

<----- Excerpts from actual messages so you can see what they're like & the kind of information that comes thru 

The messages are always simple, direct and clear.

  • They offer encouragement and faith in yourself and your true path
  • practical advice and sometimes a kick in the butt on how to move past whatever obstacles are standing in the way of that
  • they help validate the inner whispers, curiosities and inklings you’ve been having, but perhaps have been ignoring or not acting on yet. 

They help you see yourself for who you REALLY are. 

They help you find DIRECTION, CLARITY & MOTIVATION to move forward towards your deep desires.

They help you see your LIGHT and all you have to offer to the world, so that you can SHINE!!!


Once you purchase your mojo message, I'll send you some simple questions to help me get started. Submit that and, poof! Wait for the magic. 

Within 3 business days you'll receive a 6-8 page PDF with:

  • your MOJO MESSAGE, an intuitively derived message from your personal spirit team. The channeled messages are each completely unique to you and your current situation, but they all contain guidance on how to move forward around whatever obstacles are holding you back, and practical steps you can take to better align your mind, body & spirit towards the direction you really want to take your life in

  • your MOJO MANTRA to use during meditation, prayer or exercise, in the shower, as you're falling asleep or whenever you need to get out of the spinning thoughts and be reminded of your true direction

  • practical NEXT STEPS to help you take action on the guidance in realistic ways in your everyday life, and move forward towards feeling more balanced & fulfilled

  • CRYSTAL RECOMMENDATIONS to help you enhance the energy and advice of whatever themes come up in your message

  • plus any other resources I think may be helpful to keep you moving full steam ahead along your true path!

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"I literally woke up and and read the message-- and I cried! I immediately felt relief, like a sense of calm swept over me and I knew that the words that were sitting in front of me were true. 

It definitely gave me the courage I needed to give myself back my time, it was like I finally had permission to do what I already knew I needed to do. I was almost at the point of complete burnout, and those simple words helped to shake me out of the bubble of chaos I'd trapped myself in. 

It also offered a new sense of awareness where there'd been none. I had my head down for so long just working + grinding and I had completely stopped listening to myself. This was the kick in the pants that I needed to start giving myself more love and attention on a regular basis. I love that when I start to feel overwhelmed I can get back to where I need to be simply by re-reading my message.

Overall what I got was just a sense of everything being OK-- it needed to come from outside of me, because I wasn't listening to "me" at the time.  It gave me a new perspective and called me out on things I needed to be called out on. I loved it! 

I def got MO MOJO-- I'm filled with MOJO ;)" 
-Stephanie, Birmingham AL

"My mojo message from Jena was nothing short of extraordinary. As I read it, a stirring was felt deep in my heart and I began experiencing profound appreciation for my guides and for Jena, in her gift and ability to access them. Their core message for me inspired action after a dormant period in my search for purpose and opened and filled my heart. This work is powerful and Jena is the loving and brilliant conduit for it."
- Clara, Portland OR

"I recently received a mojo message from Jena and am still processing the depth and power of the message. Jena was able to provide rich insight based on a few simple questions, with clarity that helps me take bold action in my life. I received validation, ground, trust in self, and a path forward with much greater perspective. I'll be forever grateful for our exchange!"
- Jesse, Portland OR

"I found it very relevant and true to what I've been going through and sensing (or hearing whispers of) lately. It's helpful to be able to gain some more insight into those whispers of wisdom that, like you said, I am just starting to learn to hear and listen to. Hearing and listening to the guides is challenging for someone who is on a journey to self acceptance.  As I grow and learn on my path and learn to trust it and my guides or inner wisdom, those voices will be stronger and so will I :)  

I feel like the information you gave me was both validating and useful. The wisdom from the guides reiterated and made clearer some of the thoughts and whispers that have been in the fog of my brain.  By bringing these whispers to the forefront, I'll be able to consider them more thoughtfully. The familiarity of some of the wisdom made me feel more confident in my path. I also found that some things felt like new information, and that helped to clear up the path ahead that I was feeling uncertain about. 

And the PDF is a great resource that I can re-visit for quick info. LOVE the crystal recommendations and I know lots of others will too :)"

- Alyssa, Nova Scotia CAN