MOJO CALL: Chat with me & Spirit

MOJO CALL: Chat with me & Spirit

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Want to chat with me about how to connect with and use your intuition more in daily life, or about any spiritual topics you might not have people in your life you can talk openly to about, or get a LIVE oracle reading or messages directly from your spirit guides? 

Then a mojo call is for you! 

These are “advice” calls of sorts, from both me and your Spirit team who I can connect to.

Any questions or ideas you’ve been wanting to discuss with someone around intuition, spirituality, self-care or mamahood, I’m your girl. Any questions you have about your purpose or direction in life, how to get unstuck or feel more fulfilled, Spirit’s here to help you!

With both of us in your corner, you'll be unstoppable.

We can discuss whatever’s on your mind. 

  • get your questions answered
  • get your spiritual and intuitive inklings validated
  • get clarity from your guides
  • and advice from someone who’s been in the same place before and moved through it

I used to hate talking on the phone, but after doing so many client calls, it’s become one of my favorite things because it’s an opportunity to really connect on a personal level, and for you to get the space you need to feel heard and seen. We both will feel comforted, inspired and invigorated by the experience. 

So, if you’re looking for encouragement, clarity, a non-judgmental ear, or loving feedback to help you move forward, I’m just a call away! 

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