MOJO READING: 3-card oracle reading

MOJO READING: 3-card oracle reading


3 card oracle reading- via email 

Oracle card readings are one of my favorite things to do for myself in my own personal routine of self-care and reflection. They're a way to cut to the crux of what your sub-conscious knows, but your conscious mind might not yet be paying attention to.

I've found readings often offer just the words someone needs to hear in order to gain clarity, get out of a funk or move forward. My readings reveal what Spirit specifically wants you to know, and how the cards apply to your life. 

If you're feeling like you could use a little guidance or clarity around an issue you're having, a reading can reveal what direction you need to focus on, what messages your subconscious wants you to pay attention to, or offer encouragement and wisdom to help you move around an obstacle.

I'd love to do a 3-card oracle reading for you to help you connect more deeply to your own inner wisdom & the messages your guides have for you.

You can ask a specific question, have me look at a certain area of your life, or just ask what message the Universe has for you. 

Within 2 business days, you'll receive a 2 page PDF with an image of your 3 cards and an intuitive reading that synthesizes how they relate to one another and to you. 

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