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Custom Guided Meditation

Custom Guided Meditation

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Meditation is something I practice daily and have found to be one of the fastest, best ways to get out of your head, get grounded and get into a new, clearer frame of mind. 

But, like anything, it can also be difficult. It can be hard to settle into your body, to slow down or take that time for yourself when you have a million other things to be doing.

That's where guided meditation comes in. When it seems hard to get out of the stream of thoughts and tune into yourself, guided meditations can be the saving grace as you don't have to think about, or try NOT to think about anything- you just listen, and follow along

There are many places to get free guided meditations, but these are also made to appeal to many- they are helpful, but general.

They might not completely apply to you, or satisfy the desire you had for your meditation practice- and when you're short on time, searching for a meditation that can help with your particular needs can become just another task on the to-do list you have great intentions for, but never actually do. 

So I offer a custom guided meditation, made specifically for you, for where you're at in your life right now, and where you want to get to.

It's personalized and personal to your struggles and the energy you want to bring more of into your life experience.

It can be short to fit into the 5 minutes you have, or up to 20 minutes to help you work through something and really relax- it's up to you. 

  • Reduce anxiety and stress. 
  • Lift out of depression and fear. 
  • Find perspective and space from your restless thoughts.
  • Feel revived, relaxed and empowered!

They can be created around any theme or topic you’d like. They can be created just for you, or for your course, workshop, event, podcast or blog!

I use different breathing techniques, visualization, sound/mantra and sometimes movement in my meditations, and you can request anything specific, or leave it completely up to me (and spirit!) to guide you to exactly what you’ll need to achieve whatever results you desire. 

We will discuss everything before I get started recording.

Hit add to cart at the top, and let's talk about what you need! 

*You'll be prompted to give me a little info about what you're looking for when you add to cart, but after your purchase, I will be in touch to gather more details and make sure you get exactly what you're looking for! 

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You can also have me guide a meditation in person at your event, workshop or business- contact me for rates: jena@getmomojo.com available for local Portland events and beyond!