MOJO BAG: Custom Crystal & Mantra Set

MOJO BAG: Custom Crystal & Mantra Set


This is more than just a crystal set- it's a bundle of good energy, motivation and love to help you fulfill your deepest needs and desires.

Contains 5 pocket-sized, polished crystals, hand-picked by me specifically for you and your purpose, each cleansed and personally programmed towards your specific desires.

Comes with a custom MOJO MANTRA to help you shift your energy and mindset towards your goals, a card listing each crystal you receive and their energies, so you can identify each one and learn more about them & a cotton muslin drawstring bag to keep your crystals together in.

*At checkout, you will be asked to leave a note about what you're struggling with, or what desires you want your crystal kit to help you bring into your life. I'll then hand-pick and charge the crystals just for you!

Please allow 3 days for it to ship, due to the custom nature.

To use: for at least the first 10 days, keep your crystals close- IN YOUR AURA. Keep them in your pocket, your bag, your bra, on your desk or nightstand. And every time you see, touch or think about your crystals, that's your cue to say the included mantra to yourself- or shout it out, loud and proud! Then notice the subtle differences & shifts that start occurring in your thoughts, feelings & actions. 

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