Get out of your head & get mo mojo!
Mojo sessions offer a mix of practical and magical guidance to help you find clarity, regain confidence & move forward. Learn more....

Practical meets magical guidance to help you find clarity, confidence & forward momentum

You already know what to do. The answers are within you.

But when you're feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out, it can be difficult to hear and follow what your intuition is telling you, and easy to ignore or miss the signs all around you that are guiding you every step of the way.

That's when we can start to feel out-of-sync, off balance, unmotivated or unclear of our path and how to move forward. 

It's through that constant struggle where I discovered and honed a special gift of being able to break through the haze of thoughts, frustration and doubt to tune into what my highest self already knows, and into direct guidance from the energetic realm- guides, angels and other behind the scenes spirit helpers. (Yep, that's the magical part.)

And that's exactly what I can do for you, too. 


I can tune into the wisdom within YOU to help you cut through the mental chatter & find clarity, So you can KNOW which is the next best step to take in the direction of your TRUE path.

During a mojo session, I use intuitive techniques to connect with your behind the scenes spirit team to see what messages and guidance they have to offer, to help align you back to center, back to your WHY, back to a place where you feel confident and supported on the way forward. 

Though the sessions are mostly spiritual in context, they're grounded in practicality with real world, specific guidance on how to implement the advice you receive into your busy, everyday life, to find more joy, clarity and focus as you stride ahead.


Your intuition and the messages were absolutely SPOT ON. ALL OF IT. Jena, you are the real deal and I’m awed and so grateful for your messages.
— Tracey, Henderson NV


Done entirely over email with a quick turnaround time, the process is simple and easy, yet transformative.



Once you pay below you'll be taken to a form that has some simple questions for you to help me get started. Answer those, hit submit, and poof! Wait for the magic to happen.

within 72 hours, You'll receive...

  • your MO MOJO MESSAGE containing intuitively derived wisdom from your personal spiritual team. It will have guidance on how to move forward around whatever obstacles are holding you back, and achieve more awesomeness in your day to day, imperfectly amazing life!

  • a PERSONAL GUIDED MEDITATION, recorded just for you around your specific needs and the themes that come up in your message, to help you alleviate stress and get some space in your brain to integrate the messages you receive (delivered separately as an mp4 file you can listen to on any device)
  • your MO MOJO MANTRA to use during meditation, prayer or exercise, in the shower, as you're falling asleep or whenever you need to get out of the spinning thoughts and be reminded of your power
  • practical guidance and next steps to help you take action on the guidance in realistic ways in your everyday life, and move forward towards your goals
  • journaling questions to help you dig further into your intuition and gain even more insight
  • Crystal recommendations based on the specific themes that come up in your message, plus any other resources I think may be helpful to keep you moving full steam ahead along your true path

I recently had a Mojo session with Jena and am still processing the depth and power of the message. Jena was able to provide rich insight based on a few simple questions, with clarity that helps me take bold action in my life. I’ll be forever grateful for our exchange!
— Jesse, Portland OR


Sound intriguing?  

If you've been feeling whispers or inklings you're not sure whether or not to follow, are at a crossroads or have a big change up ahead, if you're struggling, stagnant, stressed or stuck in the busyness of the everyday hustle, mojo sessions are a wonderful way to break out of the cycle of ICK and find perspective around whatever is funking up your awesome at the moment. 

The messages received are ALWAYS positive, ALWAYS clear, direct and encouraging. They help validate your intuition and offer guidance around what you need to do to move forward along your TRUE path.

Let me help give voice to the wisdom that is within you.

Let me help reconnect you with the truth of who you are, why you're here and how to move forward into the life you imagine for yourself.

Are you ready?

$149 per session

My mojo session with Jena was nothing short of extraordinary. As I listened to the recording of my reading, a stirring was felt deep in my heart and I began experiencing profound appreciation for my guides and for Jena, in her gift and ability to access them. Their core message for me inspired action after a dormant period in my search for purpose and opened and filled my heart. This work is powerful and Jena is the loving and brilliant conduit for it.
— Clara, Portland, OR



if you'd like to dive deeper and have me by your side to help you stay focused and tuned in as you move forward, consider a monthly coaching option >>>

Coaching starts with a mojo session, and continues with regular email check-ins where we can dig into the messages you received and you can ask for more clarity or insight around them, or other areas or struggles...

  • You can ask specific questions as they come up, as you hit blocks, need help making a decision, want an ear or some encouragement
  • I'll get to know you, your story and your struggles better as we correspond back and forth, to help you stay focused, stay open to your own inner wisdom, and start to make real shifts into the life you want for yourself
  • You'll gain more insight and guidance with further wisdom, recommendations, reminders and good energy from myself and your spirit helpers as needed
  • You'll have me as an impartial, non-judgmental mirror to hold yourself up to, and hold yourself accountable to in taking action on the guidance you receive and making strides forward

It's all done over email for quick and accessible help that we can both do when it's most convenient- you'll have access to me all month long and always hear back within 48 hours.

I only offer a few coaching slots per month to be able to give my best energy to each client.

1 month= $400    3 months= $1100 

To check on availability, ask Qs or reserve your spot!


I found the mojo session very relevant and true to what I’ve been going through and sensing (or hearing whispers of) lately. I feel like the information you gave me was both validating and useful. The wisdom from the guides reiterated and made clearer some of the thoughts and whispers that have been in the fog of my brain, and made me feel more confident in my path. I also found that some things felt like new information, and that helped to clear up the path ahead that I was feeling uncertain about. LOVE the crystal recommendations!
— Alyssa, Nova Scotia CA