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A MOJO SESSION will bring you balance, clarity & vision into your soul's highest callings.



They help balance your physical, energetic and emotional bodies, while also giving voice to the guidance coming directly from WITHIN YOU: from your body, your intuition, your guides & your soul. 

With a powerful mix of energy work, crystal healing and intuitive guidance, a session will help you feel more balanced and clear, opening to intuitive insights & empowered strategies on how to release what’s no longer serving you.

If you feel like you're stuck, need to move or shift your energy, want a change, want to feel better in your body or mind, are sick and tired of being sick and tired, etc, etc, let a MOJO SESSION help you find the answers to all that ails you, right within your OWN SELF!


An example of what a distance session looks like from my end- "you" all covered in crystals.

An example of what a distance session looks like from my end- "you" all covered in crystals.

DISTANCE SESSION: anywhere you are in the world

~ A distance session is done with you lying comfortably in your own quiet space for about 30 minutes, at an agreed upon time, while I work on reading & balancing your energy from my end 

~ Afterward, I’ll record what I saw/heard/felt during your session, and send you an audio (about 30minutes long) communicating the symbols, messages, insights and strategies I received

~ You'll have the opportunity to share your experience and resonance with the reading and to ask any follow-up questions you may have!

🌈🔮 30min energy work + 30min READING = $100


PORTLAND SESSION: come to my office or I’ll come to you

VISIT ME ON TUESDAYS AT The Lightning Center in N. Portland, or I can travel to you!

Visit me on Tuesdays at The Lightning Center: 5511 N Albina Ave #5, PDX

Visit me on Tuesdays at The Lightning Center: 5511 N Albina Ave #5, PDX

~ We'll do a little clearing, breathing, intention setting and then you'll lay down and receive your treatment. 

~ I'll lay crystals on your body, or just near you if you prefer, and work my hands and crystal aids through your energy field, with only light touch every now and again, if at all- mostly on your head or feet. It's 30-40 minutes for you to just relax and R E L E A S E... 

~ We'll chat afterward about what you experienced during the session, and I'll relay all I saw/heard/felt from your energy and Spirit during it.

~ I’ll record our conversation as I share all the symbols, messages, insights and strategies I received for you, and email you the audio recording afterward to refer back to

Energy work + Reading @ the lightning center- 75min = $129

Energy work + Reading - I TRavel to you w/i 15mi of pdx- 90min = $150

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Some glowing feedback from customers- these are not testimonials I asked for, just honest initial reactions after their sessions:

I’m listening to your recording again and it’s giving me goosebumps and making me tear up! So much was SPOT ON and just, wow, all of it.
— JP, Portland OR
I’ve got too much emotion coming out right now but let me just say that everything was soooooo here, so shockingly all about ME. I don’t know how you do this amazing energy work period, and especially long distance the way you do and so SPOT ON.
— Tracey, Henderson NV
Damn girl! I knew you were the real deal but WHOA. That was spot on. It was like everything you said was exactly what is going on.
— Hannah, Portland OR
Wow! I didn’t know what to expect but what an experience! I was in awe of your recording. You really saw me!
— Esther, Rockaway Beach OR
I feel you helped clear out a lot of stagnant energy within and around me. You have a real gift, Jena. Thank you truly for this healing and reading. The recording is invaluable. I am going to incorporate all that wonderful guidance that came through.
— Michelle, Bronx NY
Beyond the deep relaxation and energy movement, I felt a buried, yet powerful sense of self and spirit come alive. I feel more in touch with myself and my purpose. You are truly a gifted energy healer and beautiful soul! A transformative experience to be sure!
— Clara, Portland OR (repeat customer :)

Ok, now I know you're ready to get in touch to experience a MOJO SESSION for yourself, right?