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A MOJO MESSAGE is a direct communication from your guides & inner knowing, translated through me.


Want to hear what that inner guidance is telling you, but can't quite tune in?

I can use my magic to tune into your energy field and open up to the higher guidance and wisdom that is coming in always, directly from your Spirit team and inner consciousness.

I receive and pass along messages regarding your energetic state and how to reach your soul’s desires via words, visuals, metaphors, and specific guidance for you to incorporate into your life.

~ It will give you validation, so you begin to trust yourself and understand your intuitive hits and hunches are correct.

~ It will give you encouragement to go after your true soul’s desires.

~ It will bring light to shadows, making the unconscious known, helping you release the gunk lurking beneath the surface of your subconscious- the stuff that’s stunting your growth!

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You’ll hear some things you need to hear to help you move further, with fire and motivation, along the path that will lead you towards feeling more abundant, free and loved! 💥

It’s all good, guidance from the gut and from the highest vibrations of Spirit and light. 

Includes practical lifestyle recommendations to implement to start to see changes in your physical reality, along with crystal recs & whatever else comes through! 

🔮 Delivered via audio ~30minutes : $77

WITH Q's or to book yours TODAY!