Remember, you're the BOSS

You’re the one who makes the rules.

This is your business. You create it.

Take the well meaning advice, shoulds, "Top 10 Must Haves for Your Site" articles and step-by-step-see-it's-so-easy!-how-tos into consideration, and then DO WHAT YOU WANT. What works for you. What feels right to you. Because only you know.

Trust yourself.

It sounds so obvious, but is too easy to forget. I've spent over half the many years of my self-employed life feeling overwhelmed with pressure, burden and guilt from my job, when I was the one who created my entire job description!

I only answered to myself, yet nothing was ever good enough and I was finding myself doing a whole bunch of things in my day I sort of hated, or at least resented, as decided by my self-imposed to-do list.

It makes no sense.

We’re in charge of telling ourselves exactly what to do, how to get it done, and when it needs to be done by, yet are still feeling like poop. Why? Is that just what we think "work" is supposed to be like?

Why don’t we lessen the reigns a bit? Make up our own rules for our day and fill it with something other than obligations every once in awhile, and some more life?

When you're self-employed, you're the boss, but are you being a good one to yourself? Are you creating a good work environment with lots of rewards, or are you overly critical and have too high of expectations of yourself? This post will help you dig into thinking about what kind of boss you want to be to yourself! 

Why don't we shift our expectations?

mo mojo Qs to ask yourself:

Are you expecting too much of yourself, or others?

Are you seeing only how much farther you have to go, rather than how far you've already come?

Are you striving to reach your personal idea of success, or someone else's?

What happened to that dream that launched you into self-employment in the first place, of being able to finally do things by YOUR OWN RULES? To be able to MAKE YOUR DAY whatever you want? To answer to no one but yourself?

Remember, you’re the #boss. what kind of boss do you want to be?

One who's over demanding and hyper critical, with a never ending task list, who doesn't reward or encourage her employees (ie: you) to reach their fullest potential, let alone give them an actual frickin' lunch break?

Or one who values the assets, talents and creativity her employees (you & yourself) bring and in turn, offers lots of freedom, benefits and praise for a job well done? And even installed a nap room in the office because she knows that the better you take care of yourself, the more you'll bring to your work?

Which one are you, and which one would you like to be?

If you're longing for a workday that feels different, ripe with respect, realistic expectations, rewards and maybe even some relaxation, then it's time to change things.

Change your mind, change your focus, change your schedule, change your responsibilities.

Delegate, shift, quit, start, try, let go.

Choose what you want.

It really is as easy, and as hard, as that.

Believe me, this whole post is as much a pep talk and reminder to myself as is it to you. I know it's hard, but if we want to change our job descriptions, let's change them!

Who's the boss? YOU'RE THE BOSS.

Be a fucking good one.

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