Release your ANGER: a free guided meditation

I was having a good couple weeks, and then it started to seep its way back in- the anger.

The resentment.


It’s bubbling up inside me from within, from deep old wounds that keep being resurfaced... From the news! Ugh! We're in a time where it's nearly impossible to read any news or go on social without feeling ANGRY at what's going on in the world.

I know there is anger lingering in a lot of us. It’s a stew bubbling up in the collective consciousness. And it’s there for a reason.

Anger is an incredibly powerful emotion and conductor of energy, but we usually unleash it in a wrath and just REACT to it. Or if we hold anger in, it starts to dig a little trench within us and becomes depression.

There is a third option tho. Not to unleash it, not to hold it in, but rather to release and CHANNEL it into energy that will serve our highest good.


Our anger is pointing us towards the things that really matter to us.

Our anger shows us where our values are, what’s important to us in our lives.

It shows us where we need to grow, what parts of ourselves need attention and nourishment.

But a lot of times what we’re really angry at is masquerading as some mundane nothingness. I guarantee you’re not really mad at the superficial thing that’s triggering you and bringing up your reactions- it’s deeper than that.

And if you can get into the crux of where the anger is really stemming from, that’s when you can help release what’s causing it and help transform that energy into some sort of positive action, rather than just a hate stew to sit in.

So this is a two parter- first we’re going to do some movement and meditation to try to release some of that angry energy out of our bodies. 

And afterward, if it feels right for you, take 10 minutes to journal and see if you can pinpoint the areas you need to give more time, space, energy, action or attention to in your life, to channel that negative energy into something that will DO GOOD for yourself and others.


 Journaling Qs to help you dig deeper:

  • What does your anger want you to look at?

  • What beliefs and values is it confirming for you?

  • What is it asking you to change in order to grow?

  • What are 3 action steps you can take to start to move towards your goals and help alleviate the things that are triggering your anger? 



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