NO resolutions this new year

This year I've decided, I'm making no resolutions. I'm setting no goals.

I'm focusing less on the things I want for my life and more on how I want to FEEL.

I'm focusing less on what I want to do up ahead and more on who I want to BE.

I'm tired of hoping for someday and am ready to ACT on today.

No resolutions: The motto I'm using instead to ditch the cycle of guilt and pressure and do this New Year differently

When we're so worried about which path to take, if it's the right one and how long it's going to be that we forget to watch the sunset slowly fade behind the silhouette of trees along the way, we lose touch with the happiness that we have access to, right here and now.

We forget that there are signs pointing us in the right direction, and opportunities all around us, if we only look.

We forget that it doesn't really matter which path we pick- as long as it's our choice, it will lead us to that sense of fulfillment we seek.

So, if we instead focus on how we want to feel, and who we want to be, each day, it leaves us more open to exploring whichever path that will lead us to happiness. We become more motivated, on a much deeper level, to create the life we really want for ourselves.  

This year, I want to FEEL: confident, courageous, connected, clear and like I really am making a difference in this world, in some small way

I want to BE: generous, open, determined, kind (to myself too), present and healthy

& I want to ACT on the opportunities that align most with how I want to FEEL and BE each day.

Whether that means getting my desk organized to help me feel clearer... Or saying yes to that speaking gig to feel more courageous...  Exercising even though I don't feel like it because I want to be healthy... Or noticing and pulling back when I'm being critical of others, or myself, because I want to be kind...

I have faith that if I can use how I want to feel and who I want to be as a guide in most of my actions this year, that it will set me right on the path of turning all of my big goals into a reality, without the guilt, pressure, or expectation that comes along with making resolutions. 

This will be a daily practice, like anything else, and I'm jumping in. 

How do you want to FEEL in the year ahead? Who do you want to BE? In what ways will you ACT I'd love to hear some of the words you think will motivate you towards action in the comments below!

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