My morning affirmations: start your day with GOOD thoughts

Lately I've been trying to start each day off right, by choosing thoughts that feel GOOD.

I've been listening to a lot of Abraham-Hicks lately (ever heard of 'em? worth a google!), a leader in the ideas of the Law of Attraction, who says it takes just 17 seconds of sustained thinking to start the momentum going in that direction.

So, if you spend 17 seconds thinking critically or fearfully or worrying or shoulding yourself, then you just created enough momentum for those thoughts to become the icky feelings that go along with them, and then you suddenly find yourself annoyed or anxious or sad or stressed out, and that energy continues to build.

But if you instead focus on just 17 seconds of GOOD thoughts- affirmations, gratitude, thinking about the stuff that makes you happy- then that also would be enough momentum to create all the feelings that come along with it, like a sense of ease, freedom and flow, and that energy continues to build.

Instead of grabbing my phone when I wake up to check my email or instagram or the news (the worst way to start the day!!), I've instead been really conscious about choosing which thoughts to start my day with, and I'm choosing the good ones.

I wake up and start the litany of thankfulness from any place I can think of, and it starts the momentum of my thoughts going in that direction- towards what good I have, what good I am, what good I'm doing, what good I can do today! 

Then, throughout the day, when I notice myself starting to go down a not so good trail of thoughts, I think "Ok, I have 17 seconds to shift out of this" and then I'll consciously go back to gratitude and think about what I'm thankful for in whatever person or situation is stressing me out. 

Simple enough, right? Of course, it's much easier in theory than in practice, but I have been practicing it and it really does seem to help me not go down the rabbit hole into anxiety and depression, and I'm getting better and better at it! 

I haven't found myself "stuck" in the ick of my mind at all since I've been consciously re-focusing on the thoughts that feel GOOD, whenever I notice I'm thinking ones that make me feel not so good. That's it! 

This practice inspired me to write out some affirmations that I can read in the morning, so I can start the momentum off in the best direction possible each day. Now, if I ever grab my phone to read something when I first wake up, it's these! 

I wanted to share them with you so that you can use them as a script, or template to create something similar, to help you start your day off on the best foot possible, too. 

If 17 seconds can create momentum in a direction, imagine what even a few minutes of sustained focus on the GOOD STUFF can do for you!

Just 17 seconds of sustained thinking starts the momentum going in that direction, so if you want to swing your day into a good direction, it helps to start from the get-go when you first wake up, and affirmations are a great way to do that! I'm sharing my personal morning affirmations which are a mix of gratitude, affirming and prayer, for you to use to start your day focused on the GOOD, and to come back to whenever you need them. Read more on the blog ->

My morning affirmations

Thank you for this day.
This is a new day that I can take in any direction I'd like. 

Nothing that has happened in the past determines who I am today, or who I am becoming.

I choose my life.
I am creating the world I want to live in, starting with myself. 

Starting with treating mySELF- my body, mind & spirit- with respect, love, tenderness and understanding. 

I accept myself as I am.
I love myself.
I love my life. 

Today I get to experience the wonder that is life.

Today I get to choose which thoughts to focus on, and I’m going to focus on the good ones. 

I’m going to focus on the thoughts that make me FEEL good, and make me DO good.

I am goodness.
I am light.
I am love.
I am here for a reason.

I am fulfilling my greatest purpose when I stand in the light and love that I already AM. 

I am realizing my fullest potential when I accept and resonate with the truth of who I already AM.

I shine my greatest light to the world when I express my true self in whatever ways it seeks to shine out of me.

I am one with the flow.
I surrender to it.
I let go.
I am open to receiving all the joy and abundance in ALL WAYS that is already here, and that which is coming to me. 

I deserve to be happy.
I deserve to feel good.
I deserve to have all my needs met.
I deserve to feel fulfilled. 

I know I am guided and protected.
I am connected to Spirit.
I have a guidance system within me that always knows which direction to go, and I am letting it steer. 

I know I am part of a greater whole.
I am an essential piece of the puzzle of humanity.
The world wouldn’t be the same without me in it. 

I am thankful for this day, to start fresh, to write a new script, to practice focusing on the good, because I know that energy flows where my attention goes. 

I attune to and focus on all the good in my life, all that I already HAVE, all that I already AM, all the ways in which I am already abundant and free. 

I AM one with all that is. 
I AM here, now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!