Magical meditation effects: synchronicity and SPIRIT animals

I've been working on 100 days of meditation...

It's been going really well, I've been keeping up with it (not the documentation part, but the DOING of it!) but only because it was already part of my natural routine.

But, I hadn't been meditating daily, or noticing/appreciating the ways in which I do some version of meditation or mindfulness in my everyday life, and now I am.

I'm relishing in it.

I'm on day 20 of the challenge and gettin' into the good stuff where you start to see evidence of how it's making a difference in your life, and you notice all the awesome positive effects from it. 

There's been lots of interesting things going on since I started meditating regularly, lots of difference in my brain and my thoughts, that's allowing new doors to open. But I have to tell you about a cool experience brought on through meditation that happened recently...

Magical things start happening when you begin meditating regularly and integrating it into your life. Read a little story about the synchronicities and signs that I've found through meditation and how I discovered my spirit animal and what it has in store for me! Calming your mind and getting out of your over-active thoughts is a surefire recipe for better being able to hear the wisdom of your own intuition. Click through to read more! ->

It was evening, and I noticed the sunset from the window and had to go outside and take it in. I sat down and started thinking about how beautiful this spinning orb in the middle of space is, and how crazy that is! And how lucky I am to be having this experience here.

I settled in and started to meditate, but I couldn't close my eyes. I just had to stare at the world around me in its pink and purple and green, so that's what I did. And listened. 

It's called sound awareness meditation when you use the sound around you as a focal point to bring you back into the present moment.

I sat under the trees, still and silent, listening to the birds and frogs and flies, the girls giggling down the sidewalk, the cars driving by, a plane overhead...

I started to think about how humankind is singlehandedly destroying this planet, and how humankind is singlehandedly working to save it. How there will always be both.

There is always dark and light.

How even in this beauty and breathtaking nature, there is still just so much shit to deal with. But without it, we wouldn't recognize the good stuff. Yin and yang, and so it goes... 

And then I realized I was thinking, took a deep breath, let the thoughts go and pulled myself back to the moment by listening again.

Now it was just the wind in the trees, the frogs, the crickets and me. The sunset had faded away and I noticed a star in my line of vision- "I wish I may I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight." I found myself wishing upon that star (which I'm pretty sure was actually Jupiter) just like when I was a kid. 

I wished for MO MOJO to blossom into the world recognized brand that I envision, one that is actively working to help millions of people find more solace in their minds and more magic and ease in their lives as we work together to create the world we really want to see for ourselves here on Earth. 

I watched as Jupiter's light got brighter against the darkening sky, and then suddenly, a bird swooped down from behind me and flew right over my head, startling me.

It landed on a low branch of the cherry tree right in front of me. I peered forward trying to get a better look and see what it was...

It turned its head and I could see the markings on its face- it was an OWL! And it was looking right at me!

I burst into tears, it felt so synchronous and strange and magical.

I took it as an immediate sign that my wish is granted, that wonderful things are happening all around me, guiding me in the right direction, as long as I remember to look for and appreciate them.

And then the owl seemed to turn around and I could see it's feathers ruffling up... "what is it doing?" I wondered.

Then from the majestic bird's hindquarters came... a healthy stream of poo. I heard it squirt out and splosh onto the ground. (Sound awareness! :) 

"WHAT? Is going on?" I laughed out loud. What a perfect metaphor for what I had just been thinking about- in beauty, there is always a healthy amount of shit! Hahaha... It's the natural order.

I kept still and watched the owl's form fade into the darkening sky. A few minutes later, another owl swooped in and joined the other on the branch! A mate? Then they flew away together into the big trees next door. It was absolutely amazing!!!

I came inside, feeling positively giddy, and of course had to look up what the owl, as a spirit animal, represents:

  • it will reveal the truth and show you things that may have been otherwise hidden to you
  • reminds you to stay true to yourself, your voice and your vision
  • helps you face your shadows and fears and move beyond them to true happiness
  • opens doors into other realms to connect you to Spirit and helps your clairvoyance grow by leaps and bounds
  • finds its strength and wisdom in silence

That all sounds like exactly what is happening to me, what's been revealing itself lately in my life.

I've discovered so much light and wisdom within myself, but along with it, I've also seen more of the shadows emerge forward. But I'm recognizing them more for what they are now, and moving past them to continue to focus on the light, no matter how much darkness may surround it. 

If an owl is my spirit animal at the moment, I think it's guiding me into discovering exactly what I need to know at this point in my journey to make that wish I wished come true. And I can't wait to discover what it will reveal to me along the way! 

I also remembered just this morning that a few days ago I had been playing with some sigil magic. It's something I stumbled upon via City Witches on instagram. It basically, in all my extensive googling, seems to me to be a witchy version of manifesting.

You state your desire, write it down in present tense as if it's already come true. Then you cross out all the vowels and duplicate consonants. You're left with some random consonants and you start to play around putting those together in different ways and narrowing down until you create a cool looking little SYMBOL. This symbol then represents your desire as a whole, but is now just for your subconscious to know- your conscious brain isn't supposed to even really worry about it anymore. 

(Google up "sigil" if you're interested in learning more- it's fascinating!)

Anyway, just last week I created my first sigil and released it into the universe, just to see what happens. And I remember remarking after I had made it that the symbol I ended up with looked kinda like, guess what... 


Do you see it? :)

If all of these "coincidences" aren't evidence that the world is fucking magical and the Universe is conspiring daily to make what we say we want to happen happen, then I don't know what is.

I choose to believe that this is all confirmation that I'm in the right place, focusing on the right thing and that my big dreams are going to come true as long as I remain TRUE to myself, and keep following the path of my inner wisdom. 

In the meanwhile, I'mma keep on meditating because there sure is some cool schtuff happening!