Find your GRATITUDE: a free guided meditation

I love to meditate to help clear my mind and get present, and I can vouch that it really does make you feel happier overall the more regularly you do it.

Gratitude is something I also use frequently as a way to get out of the ICK and negativity and remember all the goodness that I have in my life.

The goodness is ALWAYS there, we just sometimes forget to look for it! 

So I married two favorite things together and recorded a guided meditation around finding gratitude....

This free guided meditation will help you relax and lead you through prompts to get you thinking about all you have to be grateful for. Gratitude is one of the absolute best practices you can do to get out of your head, out of the negativity and funk and start to see the good that's all around you and within you. Take a 10 minute self-care break and click to give the meditation a listen ->

The meditation will lead you through some breathing and prompts to help you relax and get you thinking about all that you have, right here and now, within you and around you, to be truly grateful for.

(You'll also hear some birdies from my backyard in the background :)

It's a quick one for busy days to help ground and center you whenever you need it- only 10 minutes!

Finding a little bit of thankfulness each day can help shift your perspective of your life and the world around you! It's really quite powerful, especially the more and more you practice it. 

Ready to get out of your negative or swirling brain space, and celebrate all the things you have to be thankful for?

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