Thank you so much for signing up for this special distance group healing session! Please take note of these instructions below to participate.

*First things first: please read and submit this waiver before our session.

*I won’t be able to include you in the group healing unless I get the waiver back from you beforehand! So go ahead and submit that now before you forget…

This group healing session will take place:
11am pst, Friday JULY 19th

You do NOT have to be available at that time to participate directly- you can be working, driving, momming, whatever... the energy will still flow to you.

If you DO have the opportunity to be present at the time, I suggest you lay down, meditate, or do something still and creative for 30min during the time I'm sending the energy, and you will most definitely have a more conscious experience of it moving through you.

BEFORE the session begins Friday:

I'd like you to WRITE DOWN a simple intention of the energy/emotions you'd like to RELEASE, and the energy/emotions you'd like to RECEIVE.

Also, when the session is happening, you can give some conscious thought to "I'm having a healing session right now, to release____and receive____."

AFTER the session:

DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Notice how you're feeling. Pay attention to your body. Let yourself rest if need be.

Within an hour after the session is over, I'll send a 30min audio recording explaining all that I saw, felt and did energetically throughout the process, along with practical ways to incorporate the insights into your life.

You'll need to set aside time to listen to this. I also encourage you to JOURNAL about what your experience was like during the session/or while you listened to the recording, to help your deeper insights come to light.

You'll also receive a PDF of “home practices” to help you work with and move through the energetic themes that come up during our session, so you can keep the mojo flowin’!

You may feel different right after the session, or it may come over the next few days. Your healing process is exactly right for you, and I’d love for you to share how you’re feeling afterward. Get in touch with me anytime!