Hi, I'm Jena!

I'm an intuitive guide, writer & energy shifter who was put here on Earth to help you SHINE!

I work with stressed out creatives to help you transform your life by changing simple, every day things: the way you think, the way you talk to yourself, the way you take care of yourself, the things you hold onto, react to, the stories you've woven about who you are...

Life is a great big canvas we get to paint- we CREATE it. So, if you're feeling pulled around by life, like it's working against you instead of for you, it means you haven't tapped into that innate POWER you have within you to SHAPE YOUR WORLD.

Your intuition is a super power, and it's my greatest joy and gift to help you ACTIVATE it, ENHANCE it, and TRUST it more and more, in everyday life, for any situation you encounter.

My job, really, is just to SHINE AS MYSELF in order to help you also BE the LIGHT you truly are for the world!


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You have a light that shines within you, but it can become hard to see from behind the fog of thoughts, the piles of shoulds, and the mental clutter of days that just seem busier and busier than the next.

That’s where I can be of service. 

  • I’m a navigator to help guide you back to your own inner light when you feel like it’s fading away, lost, or piled too far deep beneath the quicksand. 
  • I help bring you back into balance within yourself- help you find your equilibrium- so that when outer influences are crashing their waves all around you, you'll be able to surf and ride them out much easier. 
  • I help you clear through the haze of unhelpful thoughts, old patterns of conditioning and habitual thinking that are keeping you stuck, so you can realign with the CORE of who you are and why you’re really here on Earth.
  • I help you refocus on what really matters to you on a deep soul level so you can feel aligned, whole and back on the path you truly want to be living.

From daily intuitive training programs to energy healing & spirit sessions, I’m here to help you get Mo Mojo in your daily life, so you SHINE!