I'm Jena- mojo maker, lioness, mama, intuitive, here to help you discover and trust your own inner wisdom on your path to fulfillment and freedom!

Hi! I'm Jena- writer, energy healer & intuitive coach here to help you transform your doubt & fear into light, so you can SHINE!

I’m here to help you get mo mojo!

I help empower creatives to move past their inner & outer blocks to find more flow, freedom & happiness in their daily lives.

With a mix of seasoned strategy and intuitive magic, I offer the perspective, tools & guidance you need to help you get out of your head and out of your own way on the path to your dream life! 

Sound like you could use mo mojo?

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I'm a writer and lifelong creative, certified Reiki healer and intuitive coach here to help empower YOU to learn to better hear, trust and follow your own intuition

Inside you there is a well of information about who you are, why you're here and what you're meant to do in this world that you have access to and can use to guide you in your day to day life.

But first, you have get over the biggest block of all which is ALL THOSE THOUGHTS IN THAT BUSY BRAIN OF YOURS, and your doubt that you truly do have the power to access your intuition, your highest self, your guides, ancestors and much more to help you in every way. 

I help you learn how to tap into, receive and act on the guidance from your intuitive knowing, so you can:

  • step into the flow of your life instead of feeling like you're constantly swimming upstream
  • find more peace and ease in your day to day instead of being in constant stress and anxiety mode
  • begin to manifest the life you truly want for yourself and discover the earth-quaking, soul-shaking work you're meant to do while you're here

If you're feeling burnt- out, directionless, unsure, unclear or unsatisfied with your current trajectory in life, then it's time to get in touch with the answers that are waiting within you, to show you the way. 

It's my earth-quaking, soul-shaking, meant-to-be work in the world to show you how to do just that. 



Spirit guided intuitive sessions to help you find clarity, perspective & momentum to move forward around any obstacle.

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My background:

In 2006 I started a blog from my cubicle at a job I hated, and created enough income from it to quit in 2007, and have been self-employed ever since. 

In those last 10 years, I've worked as a supporter, advocate, and perspective-shifter to thousands of creatives seeking to truly make a living from their skills and passion.

I've had many roles along the way, including: 

  • From '06-'12, I was the writer & editor behind the popular daily handmade shopping blog called Miss Modish, featuring awesome goods by designers & makers from all over the world & business and mindset tips for self-employed creatives

  • That forayed into my online boutique called Modishoppe which carried handmade goods by 60+ of my favorite artists, designers and makers (including my own handmade jewelry :) from '07-'09

  • In 2010 I wrote an e-book called The Pitch Kit on how to approach blog editors (with sincerity and personality) and actually get them to write about your work, which sold hundreds of copies and led to speaking gigs

  • I spoke about pitching and approaching editors, and my story of growing my blog at conferences and events like Hello Etsy and the Summit of Awesome, and led virtual classes on Etsy, was interviewed in books, including Kari Chapin's Grow Your Handmade Business and wrote guest articles on many blogs for creatives

  • From '10-16 I worked with a stellar web-design group called Aeolidia as the marketing consultant on their team, working 1-on-1 with hundreds of small creative business owners from all over the world! 

  • I also acted as an independent PR rep for a small group of creatives to help them get the word out about their stellar work

  • From '13-14 I ran a blog and e-course called The Catalyst Course with a wonderful friend, that was all about self-care and moving out of stuckness and fear into the life you really desire

  • In 2015 I became a mama, a certified Reiki healer and my intuition kicked into HIGH GEAR allowing me to hear messages from Spirit for others

  • And in 2017, I launched THIS website you see now, combining all my skills and experiences from over the years as a self-employed creative, and now work-from-home mama, to help others like me move past what has always been my biggest hinderance- all those swirling negative thoughts in my brain! 

Along each stop of my entrepreneurial journey, the focus has always been the same: I empower other creatives to GROW- their businesses, their courage and their faith in themselves. 

And along the whole twisty journey I've taken I let one thing guide me the entire way: MY INTUITION.

Now as an intuitive healer & coach, I help my fellow creatives find and develop the inner resources they need to keep going forward towards their dreams, no matter what obstacles they come up against. 

I feel like all the puzzle pieces of my life have come together to lead me to this work- it's my calling, my gift, my way to serve the world and make a difference in it. I was born to do this.

I'm here to help you hear and follow the messages that are guiding you to exactly what you were born to do, too, so you can start living the life you see in your wildest dreams.

Everything is possible, with a little mo mojo! 


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