Get out of your head & get mo mojo
I'm Jena- mojo maker, lioness, mama, intuitive, here to help you discover and trust your own inner wisdom on your path to fulfillment and freedom!

Hi! I'm Jena- writer, teacher & intuitive guide here to help you transform your doubt & fear into light, so you can SHINE!

I’m here to help you get mo mojo!

I help empower stressed out creative hustlas to move past their inner & outer blocks to find more flow, freedom & happiness in their daily lives.

With a mix of seasoned strategy and intuitive magic, I offer the perspective, tools & guidance you need to help you get out of your head and out of your own way on the path to your dream life! 

Sound like you could use mo mojo?

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Hi! I'm a writer & intuitive empath who works with Spirit to help stressed out self-employed creatives & brink of burn-out hustlas trying to find more balance in their lives. 

Through my readings, guided meditations and classes, and through sharing my journey & insights along the way on my blog, I can help you: 

  • Get out of the fog of your mind to find clarity around your next step
  • Transform your doubt & fear into forward momentum towards the life you really want
  • Find faith in, and develop a stronger connection to, your own inner guidance system
  • Hold onto your light, even as you navigate through the inner shadows, so that you can SHINE! 

I’ve been self-employed for 10 years and have gone through the cycle of overwhelm and burn-out too many times to count until I finally discovered the real secret to success in both business and life: taking care of yo damn self! 

After falling into a pit of despair at how overwhelmed I was with the “success” of my business, in 2013, I was forced to pull back, reassess and focus on SELF-CARE. That’s really what saved me. I hit bottom and self-care was the life line I used to crawl my way back out of the hole of overwhelm I had created for myself. 

During this time is when I started connecting to and gaining a closer relationship to Spirit. Through trips to tarot readers and mediums and reiki practitioners, I started to open up more and more to the energy that had always been hiding inside me, waiting for me to discover it. I started actively communicating with Spirit through journaling- I’d ask a question to the ethers, and just start to write down whatever came to mind. 

At first I didn’t really believe it was anything other than my own thoughts that I was writing down, but the deeper I got with it, the stronger the energy started to come through and it became readily apparent that it was not me, not my conscious thoughts, but something much greater than little ol’ me (and much less long-winded!)

Then the hearing element began, and I could start to decipher different voices that were communicating with me (clairaudience) and I started visualizing the words they were speaking, or sometimes could see WHO the words were coming out of (clairvoyance) and it became clear that I was communicating with Spirit- with my guides, my angels and ancestors. 

I kept it as my special secret weapon for many years as I actively sought out their guidance and wisdom to help me dig deeper into myself, my true desires & my true gifts as I got closer and closer to what it is I’m “meant” to do in the world. 

But after reaching a certain point of self-work, I started getting the nudge (and the ability) to hear and communicate with other people’s behind-the-scenes Spirit teams, too! 

And now I truly feel like I have a duty- a soul level “I was put here on Earth to do this ish” sort of duty- to share this amazing gift with YOU!

It’s been the hardest thing to overcome my own doubts and fears to open up to share this part of myself, but it’s also been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. 

After a mojo session with a client, I can feel their relief, their clarity, their sense of “everything’s ok”ness. I can feel the light start to seep into the cracks where there was darkness before. I can feel real shifts happening in the way people think about themselves and what they’re capable of, and what they’re here on Earth to do! 

THAT feels amazing!!! I want more of that, please! It’s the most fun, fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I hope I get the opportunity to work with you in some way someday, or that you can at least find MO MOJO here, now, through exploring this site.

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Spirit guided intuitive sessions to help you find clarity, perspective & momentum to move forward around any obstacle.

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My biz background:

In 2006 I started a blog from my cubicle at a job I hated, and created enough income from it to quit in 2007, and have been self-employed ever since. 

In those last 10 years, I've worked as a supporter, advocate, and perspective-shifter to thousands of creatives seeking to truly make a living from their skills and passion.

I've had many roles along the way, including: 

  • From '06-'12, I was the writer & editor behind the popular daily handmade shopping blog called Modish, featuring awesome goods by designers & makers from all over the world & business and mindset tips for self-employed creatives

  • That forayed into my online boutique called Modishoppe which carried handmade goods by 60+ of my favorite artists, designers and makers (including my own handmade jewelry :) from '07-'09

  • In 2010 I wrote an e-book called The Pitch Kit on how to approach blog editors (with sincerity and personality) and actually get them to write about your work, which sold hundreds of copies and led to speaking gigs

  • I spoke about pitching and approaching editors, and my story of growing my blog at conferences and events like Hello Etsy and the Summit of Awesome, and led virtual classes on Etsy, was interviewed in books, including Kari Chapin's Grow Your Handmade Business and wrote guest articles on many blogs for creatives

  • From '10-16 I worked with a stellar web-design group called Aeolidia as the marketing consultant on their team, working 1-on-1 with hundreds of small creative businesses from all over the world! 

  • I also acted as an independent PR rep for a small group of creatives to help them get the word out about their stellar work

  • From '13-14 I ran a blog and e-course called The Catalyst Course with a wonderful friend, that was all about self-care and moving out of stuckness and fear into the life you really desire

  • In 2015 I became a mama!

  • And in 2017, I launched THIS website you see now, combining all my skills and experiences from over the years as a self-employed creative, and now work-from-home mama, to help others like me move past what has always been my biggest hinderance- all those swirling negative thoughts in my brain! 

Along each stop of my entrepreneurial journey, the focus has always been the same: I empower other creatives to GROW- their businesses, their courage and their faith in themselves. 

Now as an intuitive guide and teacher, I help my fellow creatives find and develop the inner resources they need to keep going forward towards their dreams, no matter what obstacles they come up against. 

I feel like all the puzzle pieces of my life have come together to lead me to this work- it's my calling, my gift, my way to serve the world and make a difference in it. I was born to do this.

I'm here to help you hear and follow the messages that are guiding you to exactly what you were born to do, too, so you can start living the life you see in your wildest dreams.

Everything is possible, with a little mo mojo! 


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